Sunday, March 13, 2005

My inner child is starving

We made it back from Waveland in one piece. The weather was beautiful for the parade and driving back today. The kids caught bags and bags full of stuffed toys, beads and candy and were all thrilled. (And the adults caught enough for the traditional Irish Stew - carrots, onions, potatoes and cabbages. But watch out for the cabbages because they can send you to the hospital if you don't see them coming.)

On with my inner child story...

This morning, my mother had made fruit salad for a pre-breakfast snack and kept it on the table. I came down later and she and my father had already eaten their fruit salad. My brother showed up for breakfast and Mom then served bagels and cream cheese with lox and deviled eggs. After we are through eating, my mother remarks that Shane and I need to eat some fruit salad. We need five servings of fruits and vegetables a day etc. etc. I just kind of smile and think this will be the end of it.

Somehow the fruit salad stays a topic. She then remarks that I ate the fruit salad at Beth's house (where we enjoyed the parade) but I won't eat hers, which means that I must not like hers and that hurts her feelings. I remark that I've eaten her fruit salad many times - I just don't want any this morning.

The fruit salad saga continues. My 35-year-old voice is saying, "You're 35 damn years old. If you don't want to eat the fruit salad, don't eat it." My inner child voice is saying, "Just eat the damn salad if it will make her shut up. It's worth three bites of fruit salad." But I never ate any. My inner child is starving. ;)


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