Thursday, March 10, 2005

Non-white-guy bloggers

Rex joins in Halley's meme, Ten New Voices. (And thanks, Rex, for adding me to your list. I'm flattered that you'd want to mingle again after our blogger dinner party!)

What struck me right away is that I read all of my blogs via feeds and often don't know the race, sex or nationality of the author. I do occasionally visit blogs to post a comment, but when I click, it usually pops right to the individual blog entry. No picture. So I had to visit some blogs to find out who these people I read all the time "are."

Here are Halley's rules:

Find TEN NEW VOICES and promote them by writing a post about each as an introduction and blogrolling them.

Here are the rules:

1. They can't be male if they are white;

2. You must have five women and five men;

3. You must have at least three non-Americans.

I don't think I read any non-Americans, but I'll see.

Here are my 10 new voices (and I'm not sure that I can follow the rules but I will try to stay true to the spirit...finding new non-mainstream voices for you to enjoy.) This will most likely be a work in progress - I don't think I will think of all 10 at one sitting.

1. Tursiops Times - I actually found the blog by looking at SiteMeter stats. (What did I do on a Saturday night before SiteMeter?) ;) Nzyme had blogrolled me and I was getting quite a few visitors from her site. She has varied and interesting material on her blog, which is what I look for.

2. Dick Waterman - I don't know if Mr. Waterman is black or white, but he takes beautiful pictures of mostly black blues singers, so that should count for something. And nobody leaves his blog without singing the blues - make sure you purchase his 2005 Blues Calendar! (And, ironically, I was introduced to Waterman, who is in Memphis, via a blog entry by B.L. Ochman in New York City. It is a small word after all.)

3. Jessa Crispin at BookSlut - She's witty, intelligent, well-read, and, by golly, she's a fellow book slut! ;) If you're a fellow bibliophile and you have not yet found BookSlut, you are missing out.

4. Hoopty Rides - I don't know if he's black or white, but he blogs about hoopty rides so he's in touch with his inner black man if he is white. Antique cars, fast cars, cool cars, smooth rides...sign me up!

5. Sugarmamma - Give her some blog sugar...she deserves it!


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