Wednesday, March 09, 2005

Re-Branding Me

Link - BLANK asks: What if designers were to make logos for things of lasting value-"brands for imperishable goods", so to speak? What would such logos look like? What would they be for? And what would happen if the public was reminded of them 750 times a day? (The average American is exposed to upwards of 750 "brands" a day.)

Some "big" concepts already have a "logo." For example, most all of us recognize the peace sign. (And if we see two fingers up or a dove, we think "peace.") If we see a heart, we think love. If you see a lightbulb, you think ideas or creativity. What's missing is the money and desire to plaster these images all over town.

On the love note, I found it interesting that on Valentine's Day, someone in the Jackson-area put signs up all over the place that said "Fall in Love with Jesus." Now this is not too terribly interesting in the South, where half of our graffiti is "Jesus Saves."

What was interesting to me is that it looked like someone had gone to the local hardware store and bought a sign kit, stenciled the letters on a plain white board, spray painted it on (you could even see where the paint had run past the stencil) and took the time to put it all over town.

The designer in me immediately thought, "Now they spent all that time, why didn't they do something a bit more eye catching." They had passion obviously, but it did not translate to their medium and it desperately affected their message. A powerful lesson for all of us passionate about anything...including design.


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