Wednesday, March 09, 2005

Startup Stats

Link - Todd of 800.CEO.READ shares some interesting stats from Startup Nation. These were the most interesting to me:

- Studies show that more than 60% of successful entrepreneurs have at least one parent who is or was self-employed.

- Studies from both Harvard and Columbia Universities reveal that 70% of entrepreneurs are firstborn children. If you're a second or third child with six or more years separating you from your oldest sibling, you're also more likely to be entrepreneurial.

My father is an entrepreneur and I think I definitely inherited an entrepreneurial spirit from him. (And I am finding as I get older - and read more in the blogosphere - some companies do genuinely appreciate employees with entrepreneurial spirit, which I had not believed in the past. I believe that we now live in an age where employees are almost expected to behave somewhat like entrepreneurs. And I don't see the buzz about innovation and creativity in the workplace dying down soon.)

However, as an entrepreneur's daughter I have seen firsthand both business failure and business success, riches and bankruptcy (unfortunately right when I was heading to college). My point is that as the daughter of an entrepreneur I am probably more likely than others to start my own business. But as the daughter of an entrepreneur I am likely to think about it a long time and look at it from all angles before doing so. Because I have very few memories of long family vacations (two, to be exact). Because I saw firsthand how much time and energy it takes to start any business from scratch and make it work.

And mostly because I saw firsthand that our nation's romantic notion of being an "entrepreneur" is just that. At the end of the day, it's just a job and a paycheck. For too many, it becomes their life.


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