Sunday, March 27, 2005

Stupid Human Tricks

Quentin and I returned from our brief spring break trip to Waveland. We went down to support my mother in her first Paws on Parade. She is a volunteer at the local animal shelter and spent a lot of time and energy working on their annual event, so we wanted to be there to cheer her on. Everything went beautifully - I have lots of great photos that I'll post sometime this week (if I ever have time). The weather threatened to rain but was just overcast (which was probably better for the pets anyway).

During Paws on Parade, there was a contest for the pet who could do the neatest trick. I look up from my seat and my five-year-old son is trying to break dance in the center ring. By this time, I figure it will draw more attention to go get him out than to just wait until the contest is over.

He comes to me afterwards, downtrodden because he didn't win. "But, mama," he says, "I thought I did a pretty good trick."

"Son, it's not human tricks. It's animal tricks," I reply.

"Oh," he answers softly. A few seconds pass. "But I still think I had the best trick."


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