Monday, March 07, 2005

Think Hattiesburg!

Think Hattiesburg! is a new blog focused on personal opinions and editorial on events and news surrounding Hattiesburg, Mississippi. The goal is to get Hattiesburg to think about decisions it makes, and to take action on things that are going wrong in the city.

The blog also offers interested Hattiesburg-area bloggers a spot on their blog. (Area bloggers will get a tab at the top of the page and a chance to write about whatever you would like in your blog.) The only rule is that it does have to be about Hattiesburg (music, events, opinion, or whatever).

The site is sponsored by the Hattiesburg Technology Group. They took the time to contact me and say Hello today! If you are blogging in Mississippi, please do the same. I am working on an updated list of Mississippi bloggers.

Welcome to the blogosphere, Think Hattiesburg!


Blogger subnetrix said...

thanks for blog. I've sent your link to several people also and enjoy reading your commentary.

6:36 PM  

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